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We’ve Got the Answers You’re Looking For

Do you clean out barns and sheds?

Yes, SDT cleans out and removes junk from all types of properties and locations, including barns, sheds, construction sites, and more! 

Will you work with a realtor and/or retail owner?

Yes, SDT partners with commercial and residential property managers and realtors to clean out and remove junk.

Do you remove lawn mowers?

Sure! We remove lawn mowers and other lawn and yard debris, junk and more.

Do you rent your dump trailer?

Yes, SDT rents its 6x12 dump trailer. Weekday rental is for 24 hours at the rate $150 and weekend rental is Saturday and Sunday for the rate of $200. SDT will deliver at the location you provide and will dump trailer once use is completed.

What types of furniture do you take?

We can take away your couches, chairs, tables, beds, mattresses, dressers, and any furniture that clutters your home and occupies too much space. What’s best about SDT while we can haul your junk away we can also pick-up and deliver you new items to you!

Does SDT remove appliances?

Yes, SDT removes a wide variety of appliances for residential and commercial properties! We know that large items like appliances can take up a lot of much needed space, especially when you don’t have the time or resources to have them removed.

Is there a Deposit?

There is a $30 deposit for SDT services which is non-refundable but the $30 will be subtracted from total cost of service provided.

What is the cancellation policy?

If SDT services are canceled after it has been confirmed then a $30 cancellation fee may apply.

Can SDT do demolition ?

Yes, We do demolitions on single and double wide trailers, buildings and sheds.

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